Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh yes...a moment of sunshine

Finally today a burst of sun and a warm swell that had my vines reaching, my birds chirping and my bees-a-buzzing. Yes, I call them "my" as they feel like mine... my little spring companions. I took a moment from my latest endeavor (Etsy) and did one of the things I love best. I puttered, painted, planted, seeded, arranged and loved every minute. I repainted my table and chairs in bright summer hues. I fussed about planting little climbing seeds to watch and wonder. I arranged my patio and then did it some more.

For me, there is something about being outside, digging in the earth, talking to my plants and birds that makes me feel just great. Peaceful. It is how the colors look in the spring, so crisp and alive. It is the smell of nature bursting.

My etsy site is getting lots of views and I am collecting "hearts" daily. I have had seven sales and have heard back wonderful reviews from all. I will post my first international sale, Rebecca of Canada, photo of my original art in her living room as soon as I get more time. Very exiting.

It also makes me feel a bit vulnerable putting my stuff out there like that. It is exciting and a bit scary all in one. Come take a peek...

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