Friday, March 26, 2010

Ohhhhh an award for me!

                                               I am so
to receive this award

I had such a busy day
 felt a bit overwhelmed
with it all.
To come home
to this little bit of
This is one of those things
that makes me
Grateful for the little comments
 from those who come by...
They all mean so much.
I so relish your
and the
you bring into the world.
Now, Laurie had added to her blog
 some things you may not know about her...
so now it is my turn.
 I love birdies.  My kids make fun of me
as when a birdie nests in my yard I am so thrilled. 
My, yes, "my" dove just hatched her baby
in the nest in the wreath
above my garage door. 
I love bees.  I do not know why really...
I love to paint them, I love the richness
in a nature they represent. 
I am a little scared of the hornets
but not the bumble bee.

I am a planner but I might not always get it done. 
I may be a bit fussy about how things are visually.
I have to have a room visually yummy
before I can sit and relax.
I mostly keep my living room clean for this reason
but we actually use it A LOT too.

This is one of my favorite sayings. 
 My Mother and her mother and her mother
before passed down this gene.
The gene that makes you just do it. 
Makes you take something
and make it into something else,
 better, new...more.
I had no "cool" pumps for a dance in college. 
I took old T-strap buckled numbers
and made them into some kick butt pumps.
I knew I was doomed to live my motto
"Something from Nothing" because
I didn't know it couldn't be done...
so I did it anyway.

I love my family more than I can tell you.
Their support and acceptance of me...
bird, bee lovin', planning doer

Oh and lastly, my "c" and "h" stick so I miss them
and I am a horrid speller so...
at least I can paint a flower. 
Does that count?


I am passing this award on to
A little bit on sanity and a lot of chaos

I do not know what it is about her blog
but I always go there as I read thru my
Dashboard of the latest post.
I mean I see what she writes,
 I lived (my chaos is a bit different now as my kids are older) what she writes.
It is the mix of horrid vomit stories,
glass shards embedded in her beautiful stairs
and the chair dust(yes, grody and bogue - ever use that one?)
covering her carpet.
Ahh and throw in a creative accomplishment and you get...
One beautiful chaos called life.
Go visit.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Winner, winner...Giveaway time!!

I am just thrilled
name the winners
for my giveaway!

Here is a peek at the prizes,
The winner gets to choose 
Kissing Doves 
 Keep Calm...

or better known as
Miss Mustard Seed 
Mustard Seed Creations
is the WINNER!

I will send a note to the winners
and I will need a note back so
I can send along the prizes.

And this little nest goes to my 100th follower! 
Robin of Tallulah Sophie

Thank you for taking the time to visit with me.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Officially 1 - 0 - 0!!

Thanks so much for taking the time
to come see me in  my little space. 
I can't tell you the pleasure it is to meet you all
and see what creative fun you are up to that day. 
Each day I peer into my
to see who as shared
some snippet,
 some bauble,
some view of their world. 
Thank you for letting me come
into your little place and see too!

I have a 100th follower prize
but there is still time to win my giveaway.
Just become a follower
 and leave a comment
and you too are eligible. 
I will post the other winner on Monday.
One of these little baubles can be yours!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Sale at Just B

Come into our Home...Just B
We have everything you need...Vintage finds,
original upolstered silk sofa,
hand painted china cabinet...
A vintage white washed hutch,
a French inspired table and chairs,
vintage doors and a hand painted Sparrow Inn sign...

A perfect re-upolstered  loveseat and
wing chair(minus kitty)
but full of emroidered pillows for the "Queen Bee"and
one of a kind mirrors to fit any space...
An antique tobacco table - copper lined,
perfect lines of a vintage desk,
 turquoise chalk board  to "Keep Calm"...
Bedroom beauties for every space...Dining room dresser,
why not make it the perfect buffet?
A black beauty for the foyer or any place,
a vanity for a queen...
A little white table for you, chalk boards and
a unique bed end hook for your hanging needs...
Don't forget your accessories...beautiful vintage finds,
original cards stock our shelves...
A crystal pendant to inspire spring or fill an Easter basket...
Original art,
handmade accessories for the home
you will not find anywhere else....
Sil vous plait ...Entrer
How can you resist?
Just B -- Home, Art, Life
Join us this coming Thursday evening for our kick off this weekend.
Friday and Saturday 9-5
Sunday 12-5

One more week to enter for my
Spring Inspired Giveaway!
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And a special something for my 100th follower!  Yeah!

Go check out who I linked to for so many wonderful ideas!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Love...

Yep, a new love. 
Combine a slightly sweet scent with a clean note,
Bees  (yes, bees!)

Perfect Packaging

new line

Ahhhhhh, simply lovely.

I am feeling all dreamy...
Come see at
(Yes, I am jealous...but I am the first new client too.)
Oh and my partner has a new item
that also has me green...
Go see at
My goodness, does it ever end!?

Do not forget to become a follower
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh a Cloche, why a cloche?

What is it with a cloche?
 By definition a bell shaped glass to protect seedlings. 
O but it is so very much more in the home. 
It captures something we love. 
 Maybe a tiny new plant, a figurine, anyting that makes you smile.
My vignette is spring inspired and full of elements I love. 
The textures, colors and layers make it all come together for me.

BUT I had decided I wanted to make mine...
I had seen so very much on blogs,
great chicken wire,
glass of all shapes glued to this and that. search began.
A clearance dome at A.C. Moore...YES!
Odds and ends...E600 to hold it all together!
A great knob and eggs from Virginia's shop at Chartreuse and Co.

A burlap rosette to start with loads of moss,
a little robins egg blue paint rubbed with a little burlap...
A little # and dragon fly embellishment...
Or a bee, you know I love my bees!
Add a little greenery and a feather to boot!
My Cloche!
Oh and while I was at it I had to use some supplies left over...
a glass candle holder, glass pot, some crystals, candles,
 moss and green burlap ribbon....
And you get...
A springtime votive with a little bling.
So dig around, find the things you love too and see what you get!
All for sale at Just B -- Home, Art, Life at

Oh , maybe one stays at my little home.

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