Thursday, July 28, 2011

O My Back-to- what????

SCHOOL?? or shall we still PLAY? 
Little of both maybe?
Hand painted and
 Vintage post card inspired....
 Maybe a more formal approach
to work and play?? 
Why not.

I have the right desk for you
either way you go.

Both finished in Annie Sloan's chalk paint...
Country Grey and Old White
with clear wax.

Back-to-school seems too soon
 but maybe these will ease the pain?

Furniture Feature Fridays
Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Monday, July 18, 2011

Market Monday - Vacation Finds

Finds!  In little antique shops in Maine...
back to school, vintage style
(And I have a whole Dick and Jane series to boot...
tags, bookmarks, magnets, prints...oh my)
Kitchen finds...reproductions but the COLOR 'em
Milk bottles-- add what you love

Add hydrangas, sunflowers...
I love an antique shaker
but I put flowers in them or just add to a display.

Oh what you can do with these...

Sweet lamps
Desk set
Silver dresser set
Little milk glass and toile trays

So much more to find....look for this and more in my shops.

Market Monday

You know the drill....

Comment here
what did you find on your vacation??
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Market Monday Spread the Love

What day is it?  
Third week into vacation and I barely know.
Chartreuse & Co. sale time soon 
so let the picture show begin....

Sweet desk with awesome detailing

Inspired hand painting from vintage perfume label

Awesome flip top desk...soft white over a cool green peeping thru.

Loads of compartments!

Catching a theme?  Wine inspired.
Summer votives or vases!

Chippy dresser with mirror on casters...perfection.

Fun vintage and created accessories.
Perfect side table.

One, Two and Three

Come on by and see me...well, my shop. 
I will still be in Maine!
July 15-17 Check out more at 
for more pictures and directions.
So remember....
Leave me a little hello 
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Market Monday means...
Spread the love.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Maine Market Monday....

So I am in my favorite spot with my favorite people so will say only a few words...

Coffee on my porch overlooking the marsh

All the cousins lined up by age...
Dex is the oldest
Susie is next
Emma is forth from the right

Our children nestled in...PRICELESS!
 Each year we can't wait for our time here, in our Maine. Full of lovely beach fun, family laughter and breezy evenings on the screened porch.Cousins become one, nestled in their beds, hanging out, creating moments to remember forever.  They did not have to share this room, they WANTED to be together.

Tell me what is "your Maine"?   On a lake, in the mountains, sipping tea on your own porch?  So...

MARKET Monday...
go visit someone new, say hello, leave me a little note about what makes your summer, really summer.

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