Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Each Day a Wonderful Surprise

This is the photo sent to me this morning.  
The sign on the left is one of my creations and 
this sweet lady I met at my shop at
sent it to me to show me 
how she had displayed it in her  lovely home.

Oh what a treat!
We then started exchanging emails and
I learned Julie is an author and speaker.  

This is a link to her book and her story.

I instantly purchased her book.
Merry Christmas to me!

So today,
I have a new friend and
am excited 
as we so hope to work together
in support of each others 
interests and art. 
Each day a new surprise 
full of possibilities.

One of my favorite quotes about possibilities:

"She didn't know it couldn't be done 
so she went ahead and did it."
 One of my creations with a lovely vintage lady 
walking piggies...why not?
Isn't that a motto for creative souls?

Tell me your favorite quote.
You might see it in one of my newest creations.

"Creativity often consists of 
merely turning up what is already there. 
Did you know that right and left shoes 
were thought up 
only a little more than a century ago? "
Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

Turn up what is already there... I love that.
Thanks Julie for making my day....

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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Let us be grateful to people who make us happy--

they are the charming gardeners
 who make our souls blossom.

--Marcel Proust

Here I sit in gratitude for all that is around me,
for all the "flowers" that blossom.
With gratefulness comes
a peace within and amazingly, 
 a fullness bursting.

I am so thankful for so much. 

I went to my shop and there was a gift "from Santa".
I mean literally with a tag
"To: Molly
 From: Santa"

A present from a dear friend,
and made by another friend.
AND a big surprise when I really needed it.
I brought it home and left the tag...
that may be the best part.

OK it is the whole thing...
the gift,
the thoughtfulness,
the sweetness.

The wreath is a
Goes perfectly with my snowmen collection!
Thanks again my friends...
for all you do and all you are...


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh so NOT trash...I told you so!

So there was a piece of furniture
even "the man" would not repair. 
 I mean Denny will take anything on. 

Well, I did the undo able. 

I did what others would not. 

Yes, yes, no before picture...dang it!
Awful bubbled blackish finish...
drawer lined with velvet
but I thought it was mold,
door busted in two,
 veneer in such ill repair...
you get the idea.

I love it so much
I will not let it go. 
 It  is mine, all mine. 
My peers doubted me (ahem...Lindsay)

In this business furniture comes and goes...
I trade in and out but I think this is a keeper. 
Repaired, filled and fussed...

Original hardware and key holes too...
bowed front, curvy curves and
I just love anything on wheels!
Still ruddy and chippy just how I like it!

I added some things I adore...


Ironware and a cloche with a Fran original

Shutter to die for...ooooo the patina!

Silk rouched shades and crystals dangling
(Oh and my gausey ruffled 106"panels...
made by me sorta, well, the ruffle part!)

So this little place in my dining room feels dreamy...
creams with touches of blues and greens...
texture galore...
items made by friends dear
and history galore
( I wish I knew its story)

So I will start its story here,
a new home full of appreciation
and love.

I am a visual sole..
This makes mine sing...swoon.

What makes you swoon?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Cottage Holiday Opens!!!

It is that time to open the doors wide...

The Cottage
Full of cheer...
Decor to shine...
Great gifts...

Come peek....
At my little corner,
have a candy cane.
One of my new favorites...

So very much to see from all

The Cottage Gals
in Leesburg.
Inspirational decor for
every room
every occasion...

Merry, merry to all.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas before Halloween - Sneak Peek

Life of a retailer! 
I thought I gave that up years ago
 as relented to alpaca sweaters in June! 
Here is a little peek at
It is so very holiday goodness!
Architectural pieces

A French Provincial Bar 
A Perfect Server
  A bedroom set...warm and creamy with sparkle to boot.

Oh the sparkles!
 Hand painted and sparkled cup cake boxes
 New Christmas sign!
 Handmade votive
Christmas and Holiday signs
 Sayings make the perfect gift...
I love Winnie the Pooh...thoughtful and fun.
 "CHARM"-ing word necklaces, dictionary words with definitions.
Oh and I made the hanger from an old dry sink harp

 Ohhhhhh the signs....the signs, the signs!
 Little mini for the tree, or a gift or a bottle!
And some vintage toys...
I love the pull toys, old tin Raggedy Ann kitchen set
 and my fav game of Tiddely winks
and pick up sticks from the 30's.

So you see,
Alas...with three little shops to supply
and special orders,
I have tendinitis.  

Usually my shoulder gives out...
now it is my shoulder and elbow! elbow,
 or should I say...
and waxing

But it is cute, no?
Elbow be dam#ed...
I have  gifts suitable for everyone!

So come see me at our
Nov. 4
6 - 9 p.m.

Sparkles, decor and gifts galore.

I need to rest!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Peek into my REAL life...

My official uniform.
Come on...Isn't it pretty?
This is what I wear to do
my best work.
It generates creative energy...
brings about great works...

I was having a pretty serious conversation
 with my 16 year old the other morning. 
She stopped, looked at me and said,
"Really Mom?"

I was like, "What?"

She pointed at me.

(long pause)


The rest was unspoken.

Could it be the stains,
 missing buttons
that had her in awe?


How could she take me seriously like this,
 she explained.


Now I have been known, one sees me I dare hope,
to work in my nightie.

I paint,
sand in the garage,
drive to school with a trench coat over it,
clean the house,
and run my business in it.
Now I manage to keep this private,
well, it used to be private.

Wrong you say?

Don't argue with an artist(said with flare)!


Adorned with paint...wax...
whatever else I get into to...

It is what it is. 
I love it...the softest of cotton knits,

It even looks good with any shoe choice
and a hoodie makes it work year round.

It is me. 

I wake and am OFFFFFF...
weilding brushes, sanders and creating.
Why ruin yet another pair of jeans or sweatsirt?

Oh and my office...ahhh, island.

My dining room table....
ahh, breeding ground of custom cut stencils...

Baskets o' wood ready for
some inspirational words...
in my dining roon corner.

Me, my life and my things of beauty.

I love it.

Tell me your secrets...
(Yes, my working peers owe me for telling you  my secret...
I may be known for a story or two while working with my girls!
They made me promise to tell.)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Holiday La la land

We just completed October sale at

and it was so great to see
so many friends and fabulous customers...
my most grateful thanks
for all your support.

I am deep into my new items for the holidays...
 my brain won't
and I am thinking and rethinking my strategies....
 sayings for signs...

This week is finely time for

So off to my
into my
(more to come on that
and you do not want to miss it)


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