Monday, June 21, 2010

Check this out!

New Website:
Come on by and
leave me a little note!

I have been busy.  
Sale month at Chartreuse and co. 
and a great one at that.
Thanks to all our shoppers.

 BUT here is some of my custom work
for two cool gals opening their new shop in Frederick Md. 

I love finding a new canvas to inspire. 
Any salvaged piece makes for heightened
interest and texture.
One of a kind in both the surface and the art. 
 Just like Angelique and Saule of
Silk & Burlap
Those pictured here were done exclusively for them.
I am just thrilled
to be even a small part of their new adventure.


Grand Opening July 3, 2010
Hours 10am-8pm for 1st Saturday Gallery Walk in Downtown Frederick, MD

Address 112 E. Patrick Street Frederick, MD 21701

For more info:

Oh la la, look at all the goodies!

If you have any questions feel free to
leave me a note or contact
Silk & Burlap!

Ck out some parties for great inspiration!


Sunday, June 6, 2010 yourself an you never know.

I was just googling my own name
as I am in process of building a
 web site. 

 It is not coming up in the google search in the first few pages.
I still have to figure that out.

I am a... little...
at best
but am up to the challenge. 

I found this...

I am in the top connected facebook blogs under "create".
Well maybe I am #30 but still.
I barely have followers!
Although the ones I have I love!!!
Who would have thought?
Google yourself!

Oh and please stop by my web
and leave me a comment.
I am such a newbie
and need all the encouragement
 I can  beg for muster.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where did my Helga powers go?

OK so you may or may not know,
I go by Helga.
(Gail or Svetlana,
 as she likes to be called,
 and I in good form!)

Helga because my strength
is well beyond what an...a....
well seasoned gal should be able to do.
So need a buffet moved up  to the barn...
no problem.
Need that high boy moved to the sale area from upstairs...
no problem.

Meantime paint 5,742 signs.
Make dinner.
Drive to ballet.
Feed cats.
Do laundry.

More carting about in my own home because
"I need a change".
Dresser into living room from hall,
 table to hall,
drop leaf table from shop to family room,
move that chair here
no there,
 maybe here...
My quaint little home...NOT!

You get the picture?
Add the heat...
And I am officially 
Baby pass out kinda tired.

Still tired....
Reallllllllly Lucky!
One good life, tired but oh so good.


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