Molly Susan Strong

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Hello, It’s me!

 So it may have been a year or seven but I felt it was time for updating you. It’s been a time of adventure and equal parts challenge.  

I put down blogger and just plain old created. I ventured into new creative territories and have enjoyed it immensely.

About three years ago I became sick and didn’t know what was wrong. After many doctors and too many appointments it was discovered that I have Lyme disease. This has been the battle of my lifetime. And a battle I am still fighting. 

I went from two shops to one and started to explore other social media avenues. But I may be a bit behind there.  I’m playing catch up as I rethink myself.

Sometimes we are pushed to rethink our direction and ourselves creatively. It’s time for me. I need to stay ready for all changes and push myself to remain vulnerable. That’s the risk right?  I’m willing. 

So look for more from me. 


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  1. Glad you are back! My daughter had a terrible time with Lyme a couple of years ago. I wish you a good recovery.


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