Monday, September 19, 2011

Vacation for a bit

I will be off the blog for awhile.  I am helping my Mom move into her new home in Michigan next week.  I look forward to feeling the Fall season a bit and taking a break. The cider mill is a must in Michigan.  I hope to do some good picking too!!  I will be back with more creations, I am sure sooner than later.

I am hoping to spend some good creative time, exploring my art as I turn the big 5-0 in a few weeks.  My how life can move so fast and before you know it,  there you are.  I so remember the days when I never thought I would be "that old".

  Reflecting on one's life and the passions that drive us, is a gift.  For me it has always been those I love dearly, my husband, my children, my family and friends.  Thanks to all they do to make me who I am and give me the inspiration, and sometimes the nudge, to create and be the best I can.

 Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose he knows not, though he senses it. But without deeper reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people.

--Albert Einstein

I love my peeps. 
See you soon!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

AS to the rescue!

Huge fan...say no more.
Old White and Country Grey joined together

Country Grey is not getting it's credit!
Warm and goes with everything.
Try it.
You will like it!
Nothing distresses like AS paint!
Even the hardware gets a wash!
Blah to breathtaking.
See that shine...
NO priming with AS either!
Stay awhile!


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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Market Monday - Fall, fall everywhere

'Tis the season
Crunchy leaves,

I have a thing for signs on salvaged wood. 
 The beauty of saving something and turning it into a bit of art. 
 Love that.
  The barn doors are really my thing. 
Big and bold statements in the home.
 Original paint.
Crusty hardware.
What could be better?  I used a graphic
from Graphics Fairy...of course.
I altered it a bit here and there to fit my salvaged door. 

I likethe graphic nature of fonts.
 And add the freehand detailing for a one of a kind piece.

Waa laa, fall inspired art.
I love the change of season. 
Makes me feel full, warm, cozy
--even in the muggy heat.

Thanks to all for sharing on Market Monday. 
So many fabulous things to see.  Go take a peek at
Atelier Cecilia Rosslee
to see some gorgeous art.

Love her style and use of color.
Her work is simply yummy.
Go say hello!


The Graphics Fairy
Boogieboard Cottage

SO...what are you waiting for?


Here are the rules:

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2. Anything goes, show us your creations.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Market Monday with Linky -- Creating from Nothing

My favorite motto:
Something from nothing.
I did not really make this from "nothing"
 but it has a story.
The legs, once white, were sitting
 under the back deck at The Cottage. 
 I inquired and they belonged to some
of the great ladies there...not yet in use. 
Nice shaped iron + paint= fab base
Now the top.
This is my final weathered technique.

It was a blonde wood with
 stenciled pineapples...a la 80's.
Yes again no before pics. 
 I get to excited to transform it all.
I removed the base
(going to use on a great door I scored and build a table).

I was closely looking at a table top
on a farm table in The Cottage. 
What made it look so cool?
Old stain, old paint, lots of use. 
 I can do that!

SO here is my process for the wood:

  1. messy, do not remove everything.
  2. Stain.  I use a dark walnut stain.
  3. Dry brush with AS Country grey in a random pattern.
  4. Sand again, leaving paint in different places.
  5. Stain again and wipe off.
  6. Wax with AS clear wax for protection and even better patina.

The chairs are another story!
Gotta love these lines.
I have four for this table.
  All the arms tuck neatly under the table top.
A few seasonal goodies.
Barn Party - one of my hand painted signs.
Come have a cider and sit a spell no?
Now for
Market Monday

1. Must be a follower here.
2. Anything goes, show us your creations.
3.  Place my button in your post, sidebar or use a text link.
4. Go visit someone some love!

A big thanks for all who came by last week for my first link up. 
Let's get started.

Be sure to visit this Chalk Paint Party too!



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