Sunday, September 4, 2011

Market Monday with Linky -- Creating from Nothing

My favorite motto:
Something from nothing.
I did not really make this from "nothing"
 but it has a story.
The legs, once white, were sitting
 under the back deck at The Cottage. 
 I inquired and they belonged to some
of the great ladies there...not yet in use. 
Nice shaped iron + paint= fab base
Now the top.
This is my final weathered technique.

It was a blonde wood with
 stenciled pineapples...a la 80's.
Yes again no before pics. 
 I get to excited to transform it all.
I removed the base
(going to use on a great door I scored and build a table).

I was closely looking at a table top
on a farm table in The Cottage. 
What made it look so cool?
Old stain, old paint, lots of use. 
 I can do that!

SO here is my process for the wood:

  1. messy, do not remove everything.
  2. Stain.  I use a dark walnut stain.
  3. Dry brush with AS Country grey in a random pattern.
  4. Sand again, leaving paint in different places.
  5. Stain again and wipe off.
  6. Wax with AS clear wax for protection and even better patina.

The chairs are another story!
Gotta love these lines.
I have four for this table.
  All the arms tuck neatly under the table top.
A few seasonal goodies.
Barn Party - one of my hand painted signs.
Come have a cider and sit a spell no?
Now for
Market Monday

1. Must be a follower here.
2. Anything goes, show us your creations.
3.  Place my button in your post, sidebar or use a text link.
4. Go visit someone some love!

A big thanks for all who came by last week for my first link up. 
Let's get started.

Be sure to visit this Chalk Paint Party too!




  1. I did not know you had started a new kinky party but as soon as I get my laptop back I will be back to kinky up. I am using my sons iPad tonight and I have no idea why everyone wants one of these.

  2. Hi Molly, thanks for the invitation, sorry, the first time I tried to crop the photo I messed up, I wasn't able to delete it. Wow, your table and chairs are amazing! Great job, love your technique! xo Debra

  3. What a pretty table! I LOVE what you did to it! I may just try that on my kitchen needs something and that looks neat! Thanks for hosting again!! :)

  4. Thanks for hosting! Just glad I had something to add!

  5. Molly, I wish I had 1/2 the talent as you - you are AMAZING! Congrats on yet another creative adventure - I just love visiting your site and seing all your beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing so much of you with us...

  6. Your table turned out fantastic! I love that Halloween invitation/board, you must share your source for it!
    Thanks for hosting!

  7. Molly, love how the table turned out. Also love the Halloween Board, love to know where I could get one. Love your blog.

  8. What a great piece of work! Might try that on one of our pieces. I can't get that linky thing to work. Perhaps I will try tomorrow.

  9. Thanks for hosting! Love the table and chairs!

  10. Hi Miss Molly!
    I'm late to the party! I brought an Annie Sloan CP mini makeover - story of my life!!

    Love your aged tabletop. I got tickled when you talked about the aging process. I wonder if people think we have lost our minds as we stare, stroke, contemplate interesting finishes in public places??? : )

  11. Thanks for commenting on my garden bench! I appreciate it!

    Erica @

  12. i loooove it! the look of the table is awesome and the chairs are so fabulous with great details!

  13. Thanks for the party invitation! I *love* your table. The finish is amazing.

  14. Fantastic work! I love those chairs! Thanks for inviting me to your party :)

  15. you are so right, the chair are awesome!


  16. Molly it looks wonderful I adore your table and chairs!

    Come and join my Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!!


    Art by Karena


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