Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a day!! Chartreuse and Co. Rocked....

It was an amazing one day sale at the shop. 
All the ladies, and some gents, came and brought a friend with them. 
I loved meeting new customers and seeing the regulars. 
It is a treat to talk with all those shoppers, full of glee for the hunt is on. 
The "find" is around every corner with so many wonderful vendors
filling their space with goodies.
So a special thanks to our wonderful customers.
Next month is just around the bend.

A hand painted table...

A sweet desk or dresser with chair and mirror...

Another little table...dressing table, sofa table, name it!

A little drop leaf tableand why not a clock face??"Time Flies"
When you are having fun!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Something from Nothing - Brass to Class

I had my dear friend Winnie hand me an old dented brass ginger jar lamp.
 "Oh, you'll do someting with it" she cheerily dismissed.
I forgot the before picture...typial me! 
I dug a picture up off the internet but think boring, dirty and not so good.
Oh, and don't forget the dented part.

This one is far too shiny but you get the drift...
I then pulled the thing apart, banged out the dent, primed, and basecoated. 
This allowed me the proper paint surface for my decorative fun stuff.
After a few layers of creams and whites to give it an aged effect, I decided on a scenic touch, classic feel.
I then added layers of glaze and a top coat to protect it. 
Lastly a new burlap shade to top it off.

A closer look...

And in the shop at
Oh and what a day we had at our shop Just Be.
Thanks to all of those who came to our one day sale.
Gail and I, and all the gang at Chartreuse and Co. had a ball.
(Yes, me taking the shot in the mirror...I hate that!)

It was a fun project and one I am looking to repeat. 
Maybe something a bit funkier next time.
I love a lamp no one else will ever have, one of a kind.
My sights will be on unsightly old ginger jar lamps...
What else can I use as a canvas?  Happy hunting.

Another happy Something from Nothing.


Friday, January 15, 2010

More Signs: pretty pink, silly and full of love...

Oh MY!
I have a few new designs in the mix.  Inspired from many...Fran, Gail, and a little old lady from Maine.

WWII poster

Never call Fran a quitter.

Oh it so does make you ugly.

I also added a few 24" hand painted in a romantically scrolly font for Valentines Day...

I cut the wood to size, paint, hand paint the sayings, distress, and hand rub with tinted wax.  I love the end result.  The patina is great, full, rich and warm...feels like something you had hanging around for generations. 
I will have all these and many more hanging in our shop Just B at
for our one day sale this month...
Come see us January 16th
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

There is so much to see this month.
 All the ladies at Chartreuse and Co. have been busy bees,
marking things down for a great deal and
 bringing in some new to entice the clients.
If you go to the website above and click on
"What is in this sale" there are many pictures.
Oh my, there are some really great finds. 
And we welcome a new vendor this month too.
Lew's space is chocked full of fabulous pieces!
Hope to see you!! 


Monday, January 11, 2010

Cake Stand Crazed

I am just starting to really explore this world of blogging and have looked at hundreds of blogs.  Each one seems filled with ideas of things I am just itching to create.  I am sad to say my old mind can't place where I first saw this but I HAD to do it and add my own twist. 
I first took several little trips to some of my favorite spots looking for old candle holders and plates and platter.  While I did some damage at many places, my very best came from my home

Here I bought three lovely little plates, a platter from Virginia and two little ones from Donna, each vintage plate uniquely shaped and painted with little dabs of color and gold.

I painted the candle holders, each different, some with handpainted ditties, some antiqued and the clear glass left alone.

I glued the plates to the candle holders using Gorilla Glue that dries white.  The ever expanding glue sometimes gets me!  OK each time it expands and expands and makes me chip and scurry to get it off where it should not be.

These steps got me these...

Hand Painted base to match...

Dainty Trio of Pink Polk-a-dot, why not??

Vintage Beauties...

The whole gang available at my shop for our ONE DAY SALE January 16th!

Oh, and yes...I had to add a faux cupcake, made with a large pom-pom and a sticker!!
Thanks again to those who inspired me to create.  Your turn.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Something from Nothing - Signs Everywhere

I have a thing for signs.  I especially love old signs.  So, I merge my adoration of old wood boards with a wonderful worn patina and my need to create.  It started when I first got married and found an old WWII ammunition box.  I took off the top and created my very first sign that still sits above my
cupboard in my kitchen.
Strong Coffee Served Here
The font is awful and I love it still. I like to use historical sites and often obsess about using French when I can't speak a word. I try not to change the original patina of the boards if I find them.  Something about the chipped layers give the boards this life, warmth and make it irresistable. So here are some examples of my current obsession.   Many others are throughout my blog so peek if you like.  I so enjoy making custom works for my clients.  My husband is my main source for word smithing.  He came up with one of my favorites,
"Fox in the Hen House Tavern".  Clever man.

The Good Bakery
18  Chamberry, France  43
This is a large board about 5 feet long with a wonderful green over silver paint.

Original red paint

This was an old drawer front with original painted flower so now a Flower Boutique.

An old door...fabulous light blue chippy paint (picture does not do it justice) And French...

The Fox Tavern sign, Whaler Inn, Mad Hatter Pub and Wheat Sheaf Publick House to show a few...
You do not have to be an expert painter. 
Old board+ imperfect lettering+additional distressing  =  Fabulous Fun
Don't stand still for long, I may paint YOU! 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First 2010 Something from Nothing

Here was a box presented to me from my fellow pal, Donna.  Now you may not know that "something from nothing" is my favorite deal, but it is.  It makes me excited to not only create but know that this little pile of leftover wood would have been a burn pile to another. Oh no, no to me.

Box 'o wood + creative juices + valentine dreams = THIS!

Your very own "Be Mine" forever love letter for your sweetheart. 
Even my 6'4" son loved these.  A perfect little gift for you to let someone know that they will
forever "bee" in your heart.

The sizes varies and each bee was hand painted by me doing it's own little dance of love.  I hand painted, sanded and distressed each "envelope" and tied a rafia bow with a hand glittered vintage graphically designed card reading "Be Mine".

I was also inspired to create some mini art pieces...bee inspired of course.



"Seek Love"
All items will be in my shop for this next sale.  If you are interested in one just send me a note and I can give you the details and post to my Etsy account for a special order.

Keep coming back for my next edition of...Something from Nothing!

Oh and my bee obsession?  I have no idea.  Something about their fuzzy bodies and wings and buzzing and honey and and and...
 Lots of wood left still, hmmmmmmm...

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