Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a day!! Chartreuse and Co. Rocked....

It was an amazing one day sale at the shop. 
All the ladies, and some gents, came and brought a friend with them. 
I loved meeting new customers and seeing the regulars. 
It is a treat to talk with all those shoppers, full of glee for the hunt is on. 
The "find" is around every corner with so many wonderful vendors
filling their space with goodies.
So a special thanks to our wonderful customers.
Next month is just around the bend.

A hand painted table...

A sweet desk or dresser with chair and mirror...

Another little table...dressing table, sofa table, name it!

A little drop leaf tableand why not a clock face??"Time Flies"
When you are having fun!


  1. Girl,
    I think it was the sale of the century! What fun! What bargains! What lines! It was such an adreneline rush....or was that the 6 cups of coffee I consumed before noon! As always, your offerings were stunning!

  2. That is gorgeous!! I love it!! Why don't you have more followers?? I'm sure it won't be long!!!


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