Wednesday, March 30, 2011


UPDATE on New Technique used in waxing.
I wanted to answer a few questions 
regarding my previous post. 

20% minwax oil based stain
80% Howard's Feed n Wax
Use even a little less stain when using a very dark color.
I found these both at Home Depot.

  This is a wax formula so it protects like wax. 
Like all waxes, 
you may need to redo the tops of pieces 
a few times a year 
or even once a month for heavily trafficked tops! 

My dining room table top is a tinted wax on plain wood,
with creamy painted legs.
 Love it! Love how it wears.
Black blob on table is my very needy kitty.
I would just use the plain 
Feed n Wax (or your preferred wax) 
for a touch up as needed.

Here is a little lesson on how wax works:
There are emollients or dissolvent like deals in the wax.
(whatever!  with the right word here)
"It" is in all waxes, the smelly stuff.  
I am very technical!

Because of this "it", you can apply wax, 
otherwise they would be too hard. 
These ("it") evaporate...
with the yucky smell the emit, 
thank goodness, 
as the wax cures, 
leaving you with a hard finish.
You may buff to a high gloss 
or lightly rub for a more matte finish.

When you reapply the wax,
"it" dissolves the old, 
removing some of the old wax  
and then reworks what is left into the new wax.  
 The beauty of this is that you do not get build up.

So let's say you hate the color of wax 
you used in the finish...
rub off using a clear or plain wax.
If you hate the wax, 
you can wipe with mineral spirit to remove.
(Hasn't worked well for me...just saying.)

I use a soft brush for application 
and soft rag for wiping excess and then buffing.
Now I am going to tell you that 
tinted waxes can be a bit tricky.

I love a tinted wax because it adds 
to a newly painted piece. 
It is what makes it rich, layered and oh so lovely.
Plain wax or clear protects and deepens the color a bit.

Experiment with tints too.
The color of stain or tint can 
really change your paint color.
An oak color stain or tint 
makes a blue paint a bit more of a robins egg blue...
yellowish tint added to blue makes it more green.

I love this new formula because of the ease.
I have been using wax, primarily Briwax, 
found at better furnishing stores,
for 12 years now.
It is work but the results are beautiful.

Another hint: 
Wax melts in a hot summer day of sitting in my garage,
the wax turns to liquid. 
MUCH easier to apply and work in this form.  
You can set your Briwax in a tub of very hot water so it goes to a more 
soft, liquid consistency and it is easier to apply and manipulate. 
It is a combustible product so do not heat on a stove or get near ANY flame.
Remember a little goes a long way.
The Howard's Feed n Wax is already in a liquid-like form
but I will always use my Briwax too!

I am hoping you find this new formula 
a bit less (always good)


Whew...long winded, 
I could talk all day about this huh?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Waxing technique...

 Wax can be a little tough to work with. 
It can be thick and hard to control.  
I have been using Briwax for 12 years now.  
While I love it still I am always searching for things.
 I was given a great tip by a fellow pal.  
She had seen this man on MS show and redoes Swedish clocks.
He uses a mix of 
beeswax and orange oil  (80%)
called Howard's Feed n Wax
with minwax stain (20% or even a little less).  
It goes on like in a milky consistency.
 And you wipe it right off. 
It goes easily into nooks and crannies. 
It covers distressed areas with ease
and no crustiness.
And it protects like wax.
I like the results.  No?

UPDATE on new Technique used in waxing,
 how wax works and why use it at all 
see in next post.
These pieces were the typical  
big brown monsters.
I actually found these in the TRASH!!!  (no hooo).

I was DREADING doing these but I had a deadline...
Needed Hubby to help bring to my shop before he went over seas,
So Had to get it done!

Now a soft
robins egg blue 
wit the perfect patina

Also a side note...
go see our little write up in
Apartment Therapy.

Please leave me a note...I love notes!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Garden time is for more inspired art...

Toile tonal look with a little bit of "water color".

I am really trying to take some time
to do what I love...

Organic subjects are my favorite...
do not ask me to paint your wall blue
or draw a building.

Any floral, green, tree, animal, insect
(yes, bee obsessed!)
and I will gladly oblige. 

My last inspired piece
from my last blog entry sold at

to a lovely lady
for her favorite reading nook.
I am only sad
I did not get to meet her. 
 One of my cohorts at Chartreuse
said she was "giddy" with excitement.

Now sometimes I post onto my
FB page my latest work...

I sent a note to some of my pals
with a picture
and this is what I got back.



I think your new work of art is another amazing example of your talent and I love the piece!
I also remember you telling me about the original and how it inspired you to interpret the piece your way which got me thinking.

Why not try it myself? How hard can it be, right? What is "art" anyway? It's how someone expresses themselves, and so I thought I'd try my hand at it, and I have to tell you, I think I nailed it!

I'd love to hear your comments, but please be kind because this is my first attempt at it and I feel as an emerging artist I'm a little vulnerable.
My new work is attached.

Just as a little fyi - it's mostly tonal, done on re purposed medium, and represents one woman's struggle to compete in today's competitive society.

It's raw. It's real. It's for sale.

Well needless to say, due to my age,
I nearly wet my pants. 
Oh Gail, my lovely friend....
I am buying it!
You gotta have a friend like this!


When I am an old lady
(I know I am old but OLDER)
I want to be sitting at my easel
(now I prefer my kitchen counter)
looking out at the ocean
and painting my favorite flower
gently blowing in the breeze.

FYI - I don't really obsess about my age...
I have earned the honor of this age and am loving it, mostly!  Ha!

I do, however, obsess about comments.  I love them.
Let me know you came by!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

French Inspired

This is inspired from a wall fresco. 
This spoke to me...the color, 
the layers of paint and of course,
a bird gathering material
to build a nest.  

I want to add more of my art 
to my shops.
This is a  gallery edge  canvas and
a nice size to make a real statement, 
30 x 36".  

I will post more after I set up my space Thursday.

Ahhhh, SPRING!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011 it a desk or dresser?

Lovely little maple dresser, 
painted creamy white, 
distressed and I added a diminutive deco details...

Little bit of a painted chocolate brown thistle on each knob 
and the top of the piece.
Sometimes the simple multi-use piece is the best.
It can be in almost any room, 
bedroom, hall, foyer or even the kitchen.
I love a dresser in every room!

Come see me at the next Chartreuse & Co. sale!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Cottage finds SPRING

24 cubbies
24 possibilities!

crusty wonderful birdbath

garden statuary and front porch pillows

barn stars for your sheds, porch or to adorn your gates

My little area...
dressed in turquoise and burlap!

burlap runners ruffled in teal

chalkboard wagon ready to be filled with
ferns, pansies and your doodles

This Friday is down town Leesburg's 
First Friday 
and we are open until 9 p.m. 
The Cottage is open daily from 10-5.

Come see us!


P.S.  This post was borrowed, ok, stolen from Linda at

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