Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh so NOT trash...I told you so!

So there was a piece of furniture
even "the man" would not repair. 
 I mean Denny will take anything on. 

Well, I did the undo able. 

I did what others would not. 

Yes, yes, no before picture...dang it!
Awful bubbled blackish finish...
drawer lined with velvet
but I thought it was mold,
door busted in two,
 veneer in such ill repair...
you get the idea.

I love it so much
I will not let it go. 
 It  is mine, all mine. 
My peers doubted me (ahem...Lindsay)

In this business furniture comes and goes...
I trade in and out but I think this is a keeper. 
Repaired, filled and fussed...

Original hardware and key holes too...
bowed front, curvy curves and
I just love anything on wheels!
Still ruddy and chippy just how I like it!

I added some things I adore...


Ironware and a cloche with a Fran original

Shutter to die for...ooooo the patina!

Silk rouched shades and crystals dangling
(Oh and my gausey ruffled 106"panels...
made by me sorta, well, the ruffle part!)

So this little place in my dining room feels dreamy...
creams with touches of blues and greens...
texture galore...
items made by friends dear
and history galore
( I wish I knew its story)

So I will start its story here,
a new home full of appreciation
and love.

I am a visual sole..
This makes mine sing...swoon.

What makes you swoon?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Cottage Holiday Opens!!!

It is that time to open the doors wide...

The Cottage
Full of cheer...
Decor to shine...
Great gifts...

Come peek....
At my little corner,
have a candy cane.
One of my new favorites...

So very much to see from all

The Cottage Gals
in Leesburg.
Inspirational decor for
every room
every occasion...

Merry, merry to all.

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