Monday, January 18, 2010

Something from Nothing - Brass to Class

I had my dear friend Winnie hand me an old dented brass ginger jar lamp.
 "Oh, you'll do someting with it" she cheerily dismissed.
I forgot the before picture...typial me! 
I dug a picture up off the internet but think boring, dirty and not so good.
Oh, and don't forget the dented part.

This one is far too shiny but you get the drift...
I then pulled the thing apart, banged out the dent, primed, and basecoated. 
This allowed me the proper paint surface for my decorative fun stuff.
After a few layers of creams and whites to give it an aged effect, I decided on a scenic touch, classic feel.
I then added layers of glaze and a top coat to protect it. 
Lastly a new burlap shade to top it off.

A closer look...

And in the shop at
Oh and what a day we had at our shop Just Be.
Thanks to all of those who came to our one day sale.
Gail and I, and all the gang at Chartreuse and Co. had a ball.
(Yes, me taking the shot in the mirror...I hate that!)

It was a fun project and one I am looking to repeat. 
Maybe something a bit funkier next time.
I love a lamp no one else will ever have, one of a kind.
My sights will be on unsightly old ginger jar lamps...
What else can I use as a canvas?  Happy hunting.

Another happy Something from Nothing.



  1. Nice job! I really like the distressing you did on it. That vanity is just adorable!

  2. It's perfect! Great job!


  3. Wow. I had no idea that you could a lamp like that. It looks perfect on that dresser.

  4. Beautiful make-over!
    Its amazing what a little paint and an artistic hand can accomplish.

    Kimberly :-)

  5. What a fabulous redo, love the lamp. I'm not big on brass lamps so what a great way to reuse them.


  6. WOW a beautiful make-over on the lamp. Love the scenic touch you added.

  7. Wow very impressive. Did you hand paint the scene too? Great job. Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

  8. This turned out great! I love the little hand painted scene.

  9. The lamp turned out great! Goodbye shiny brass and hello pretty lamp.

  10. That is simply gorgeous! Oooooing and ahhhhing over here!

    So glad you could Mi4M:)


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