Sunday, December 12, 2010


Let us be grateful to people who make us happy--

they are the charming gardeners
 who make our souls blossom.

--Marcel Proust

Here I sit in gratitude for all that is around me,
for all the "flowers" that blossom.
With gratefulness comes
a peace within and amazingly, 
 a fullness bursting.

I am so thankful for so much. 

I went to my shop and there was a gift "from Santa".
I mean literally with a tag
"To: Molly
 From: Santa"

A present from a dear friend,
and made by another friend.
AND a big surprise when I really needed it.
I brought it home and left the tag...
that may be the best part.

OK it is the whole thing...
the gift,
the thoughtfulness,
the sweetness.

The wreath is a
Goes perfectly with my snowmen collection!
Thanks again my friends...
for all you do and all you are...



  1. What a lovely gesture from a sweet friend! So nice to see you at Chartreuse on Friday. We made it home safely in the snow, but it was pretty crazy out there for awhile! I hope you enjoy a warm & wonderful holiday with family and friends!

  2. I'm so glad I could be a part of the "Secret santa" gift. I thought it was such a sweet guesture. :)


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