Friday, October 22, 2010

A Peek into my REAL life...

My official uniform.
Come on...Isn't it pretty?
This is what I wear to do
my best work.
It generates creative energy...
brings about great works...

I was having a pretty serious conversation
 with my 16 year old the other morning. 
She stopped, looked at me and said,
"Really Mom?"

I was like, "What?"

She pointed at me.

(long pause)


The rest was unspoken.

Could it be the stains,
 missing buttons
that had her in awe?


How could she take me seriously like this,
 she explained.


Now I have been known, one sees me I dare hope,
to work in my nightie.

I paint,
sand in the garage,
drive to school with a trench coat over it,
clean the house,
and run my business in it.
Now I manage to keep this private,
well, it used to be private.

Wrong you say?

Don't argue with an artist(said with flare)!


Adorned with paint...wax...
whatever else I get into to...

It is what it is. 
I love it...the softest of cotton knits,

It even looks good with any shoe choice
and a hoodie makes it work year round.

It is me. 

I wake and am OFFFFFF...
weilding brushes, sanders and creating.
Why ruin yet another pair of jeans or sweatsirt?

Oh and my office...ahhh, island.

My dining room table....
ahh, breeding ground of custom cut stencils...

Baskets o' wood ready for
some inspirational words...
in my dining roon corner.

Me, my life and my things of beauty.

I love it.

Tell me your secrets...
(Yes, my working peers owe me for telling you  my secret...
I may be known for a story or two while working with my girls!
They made me promise to tell.)



  1. Ha! The word is out. We are much more productive in our jammies.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Definitely!
    Jammies are the Best for productivity..
    whether it be creating/finishing a project..
    or simply counting one's blessings..
    or sheep..
    Laughing smiles,
    Warm sandy hugs..

  3. Why would anyone bother to get dressed...then you might as well leave the house to run errands...much easier to stay focused on the project at hand wearing your old soft jammies (and no bra, I might add).

  4. This made me laugh! Up until recently, I've been working in a pair of jeans with a big split in the butt....I finally stitched it up last week! They are STILL the most comfortable pants to work in! Okay, so now you know my secret! ;)

  5. Oh's finally out, your big secret...I've been SO excited to actually see a picture of this infamous "nightie". Only one thing could have made this post even better...a picture of you, fresh from bed, paint streaked down your face, adorned with trench coat and slippers, in the ever-so-famous nightgown....I CAN'T imagine why your kids would be embarassed!
    Well...the secret is that EVERY one of my work t-shirts is ripped in the armpits! Why? I don't know, but's it's true...(However, I frown upon wearing these out in public) ;)

  6. My secret?

    Brad Pitt and I are having a torrid affair.

    I know, pretty cool, right?!!!

  7. I LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing Molly...this post made my night!

  8. okay, this is too funny.... the comments went from armpits to brad pitt.... ;) I once caught someone we all know painting while dressed in nice jeans AND a sparkly belt....and she claimed they were her painting jeans!

  9. Molly, I just found you by link bouncing but I'm glad I did! We creative and free spirits all run in jammies... I always felt at odds with the rest of the world, but no more! I am so pleased to know that we are a secret society of spirited ladies who can let our hair down and just create. Of course my pallet is a garden which means I am out in it quite a bit...

    Thanks for sharing your secret!

    Lynda: who used to be a Strong and married a Swink!


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