Sunday, October 10, 2010

Things that make me happy...

I have been thinking about
what makes us all feel like
 home is
  (My new love is this antique European trunk!)
Yes, of course, our families, pets...
 but for me
it is the little things that
"I like". 

Things I had to have
that I have found
 in all kinds of places...
fancy smancy shops,
resale shops,
vintage shops,
Mom's living room or
even the garbage picking find.

It is this accumulation
of these things,
over time,
placed just so 
that define "home" for me.

Some of these things I move about,
 creating new vignettes
to please my eye that day...
that season.
Sometimes I stow them away
and then months
or even years later
I bring them back out with
lusty gusto!

One day this "thing"
may be a side table,
next a bathroom storage unit
and the next a
"canvas" for new art.

It is what
the look I love...

time worn,
 patinas rich,
strange or new.
  This eclectic combination of
well loved items,
 touched and retouched...
moved about and
arranged and rearranged.

are just a few
of those things...

I adore this china pattern...Calico Burleigh Staffaordshire from England.

 Over my kitchen window...
 More in my china closet with a bee hive of course!  Oh and tassels...
 A ceramic pumpkin no one else would like but
 I love the turquoise leaf!
 A cow tag I managed to wrangle from my friend Gail
with my home address numbers from my childhood.
A French locus for good luck from my Mom
with lavendar grown in my back yard.

A bee in my powder room, or two!

I love this drawer from my hubby when we were first married,
 old books from family and this LOVERLY lady strolling.

This scale...turquoise again!

My headless angel...loooong story but important to me,
my mercury glass hive and birdies!

This drives my husband crazy...
two light swiches and I choose a candle chandelier!

My husbands Grandmother's little European print
she always had in her I do!

 A garbage find mirror!
This cabinet I have had for 20 plus years...
I never tire of it. 
Even the silly Halloween kitty likes it.

A cast iron pumkin on the stoop.

My copper window boxes with
mini boxwoods and pansies...ohhh, LOVE!

A mug from my sis with a nod
to my love of blue and white Calico dishes,
a voodoo doll given to me by a dear friend and

Tell me about
one thing you love
that makess you feel just
in your own home...


I haven't even started in on
 the little furniture pieces
collected over my 24 years of marriage! 
Another time...


  1. I love that blue pattern too. I don't own any but I always seemed drawn to it.

    I guess my favorite piece at the moment would be my antique linen press. I won't paint it because I love the old worn patina on it. I even love the way it smells. Odd I know.

  2. Hmm, that's a tough one, but I absolutely love a vintage felt Cedar Point pennant Rob surprised me with one Christmas, because if it weren't for Cedar Point we wouldn't be married!

    I remember that little medicine cabinet from Mayfair!

  3. Ummmm, your antique European trunk makes me very happy too :) Along with about a million other things in your beautiful home.
    One of the things in my home that always makes me smile is the hope chest I built all by myself. It was the very first piece I ever managed alone.
    If I can say....I"m also quite in love/obsessed with my growing paint collection. I will paint is my 'therapy' of sorts and walking by the big ol' paint collection just makes me happy :)


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