Monday, July 18, 2011

Market Monday - Vacation Finds

Finds!  In little antique shops in Maine...
back to school, vintage style
(And I have a whole Dick and Jane series to boot...
tags, bookmarks, magnets, prints...oh my)
Kitchen finds...reproductions but the COLOR 'em
Milk bottles-- add what you love

Add hydrangas, sunflowers...
I love an antique shaker
but I put flowers in them or just add to a display.

Oh what you can do with these...

Sweet lamps
Desk set
Silver dresser set
Little milk glass and toile trays

So much more to find....look for this and more in my shops.

Market Monday

You know the drill....

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what did you find on your vacation??
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  1. nice finds! I can't wait to see them incorporated into your displays!

  2. That's a whole bunch of vintage pretty right there. Awesome.

  3. you know you love what you do when you incorporate it into your vacation! among my vacation old cooler with awesome patina, a balance scale, and a large rectangular wooden crate with the Whitman's chocolate logo on it:)

  4. all wonderful treasure in my book! wow I wish I could do this., Im too lazy what is wrong with me? I just am so jealous of every ones great finds and I never get out and find my own
    Hugs to you

  5. Hi Molly,

    Love all your vintage finds. I went shopping too while visiting my parents in Pa. I love those Pa markets. Here's a link to my finds:

    Hope you have a minute to check them out.

  6. What a bunch of fun's too hot around here to venture out and dig around much! Love your kitchen finds, repro or not. : )

  7. Wow, you did really well on your vacation finds. I have found some wonderful old wooden boxes this Summer, even some with printing on them, a really old wooden childs chair full of chippy paint in a bazillion colors, and lots of old pictures in frames. Actually, I just found the most wonderful local shop last Saturday. As I was loading my hands and arms full of vintage things, I realized I had nothing more than loose change in my purse. That darned $$$ thing again!! Not only was it a fun store, but the owner was kind enough to put my things back for me, so that I can come in and pay for them tomorrow. Nice people do exist. Linda S. in NE

  8. Did you find the milk bottles empty or did you enjoy that wonderful Smiling Hill milk? Their milk is delicious and their ice cream is also good. Glad to see you helped our Maine economy!

  9. I found family and friends and two wonderful museums. And a botanical park with the most gorgeous greenery and flowers!! Wow

  10. ooo lots of wonderful finds!!

    Have a great day!

  11. Love your pretties! The old box with the purple posies is wonderful!

    You may have heard about my blog mess. If you come over, follow me again, and if you have me linked- my url address will need to be changed also. Some @#%%#$%@W# domain squatter is getting all of my traffic at my old site with his goofy blog!

  12. Oh my, everything is so pretty! No vacation for me but my husband found a table at a garage sale and ofcourse it received the chalk paint transformation :)


  13. I "found" my way back to my roots after more than 20 years?! Things change but our memories can stay the same. Cape Cod still had that wonderful salty-cottage-y smell when you walk in the creaky-squeeky screen door. I "found" my lungs refreashed by the ocean breeze and my home-sick soul started to heal. My heart took "lots of pictures" to add to my memories. Oh...and yes, I did manage to bring home some Cape Cod shells that will be added to my vintage blue glass Ball canning jars! I love the idea of using the salt and pepper shakers as vases for cute little flowers! Now I know what to do with my little odd S & P's! Thanks!


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