Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Maine Market Monday....

So I am in my favorite spot with my favorite people so will say only a few words...

Coffee on my porch overlooking the marsh

All the cousins lined up by age...
Dex is the oldest
Susie is next
Emma is forth from the right

Our children nestled in...PRICELESS!
 Each year we can't wait for our time here, in our Maine. Full of lovely beach fun, family laughter and breezy evenings on the screened porch.Cousins become one, nestled in their beds, hanging out, creating moments to remember forever.  They did not have to share this room, they WANTED to be together.

Tell me what is "your Maine"?   On a lake, in the mountains, sipping tea on your own porch?  So...

MARKET Monday...
go visit someone new, say hello, leave me a little note about what makes your summer, really summer.


  1. Hi Molly Susan,
    I can practically "smell" the air of the marsh where you (lucky dog you) can sit out there and enjoy your coffee!!! Growing up in N.E. was filled with wonderful memories, for me during Cape Cod hollidays. Since "going to the beach" could mean any of the three states ,(Maine, Mass, N.H.) and we were no more than a couple of hrs. away. Little did I know then, that I would someday move far, far away and have nothing like those beach days/vacation to compare with down here in the deep south. Recently, during a particularly bad illness, I decided to travel back "home" for some R&R and a time to heal--both inside and out!So...I've booked my reservations and flight and will leave soon!!! My Grandmother use to say that there was "NOTHING the good ol' Atlantic Ocean (off the coast of NE of course)couldn't heal! I believe that more than ever. I will be gearing up for surgery soon in Aug. Prognosis is good. (it's just a pain in the ...u-know)HA! Good for you getting to get some breathable, soul-satisfying hollidays with your family. Enjoy! And take lots of pictures for your heart to keep~!

  2. my maine actualyl is maine.... we used to go to ogunquit every summer when i was a kid, and i love maine so much! there is no state like it- the beautiful rocky coastline, the seasons, the cool summer nights.... roasting marshmallows on the beach...i miss it so much.

  3. Sandusky, Ohio and Cedar Point = "My Maine"

    So glad you are having fun!


  4. I can smell that Maine Marsh water from here. I love Old Orchard & Bay Harbor...but our "Maine" is up at Pictured Rocks on Lake Superior...a whole lotta cold summer~;>) xo Diana


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