Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just B -- Home, Art, Life

Before and After shots

Gail and I met today at our new place of adventure...Chartreuse and Co. We had many laughs lugging our treasures to our new trove, Just B--Home, Art, Life. I love the venue and the thought of all the possibilities.

I was in fashion retail forever. I was a buyer and specialized in merchandising and planning for Woodward & Lothrup and John Wannamakers. I also did a long stint in small specialty boutiques, very high end classic wear. For years everyone has asked me why I do not want my own store? I know what it takes (major dedication) and I was busy having babies, enjoying that time in our life and discovering the artist and decorator within.

Well, now I have my own mini version and am thrilled. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful pal in this adventure either! Our first sale is June 19, 20 and 21st. We still have much tweaking to do. I have to bring all my art and jewelry. Gail's mannequin "Pearl", seen in the picture, will be wearing some of course. Gail has more wonderful and unique furniture and accessories to load in too. Oh, come see us!! Sunday the 21st mimosas will be served!


  1. SO excited for the both of you! I am planning my road trip!!!

  2. It looks gorgeous! My favourite kind of shop, I wish I could be there! Best wishes!!


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