Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is it Fall already?

Here it is fall. I find it hard to believe. So much happening and so much to do and see. Just a quickie note as time is so limited these days. Dex is off at college leading a perfectly grand and independent lifestyle. Ahh to all parents on this one. My girls are back to their schools and starting each day with too many distractions, what to wear, how to do their hair and oh yes, school too.

I have been a buzy bee for Just B -- Home, Art, Life. Creating in a frenzy of fall goodness and thoughts of cider and fresh doughnuts (It's a Michigan thing!). Halloween inspired, fall arrangements, loading in moss, hay and leaves and much more. The air, cool and crisp, even felt right today for all the primping Gail and I did at our little shop. Sale is Sept. 18-20 so come see us.

Here is a peek!


  1. Yes, it's true, I think our space has a decidedly fall feel to it now!

    I'm ready for sweaters, ciders and as many doughnuts as you can spare!

  2. Gail...I was in process of uploading photos...come see!


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