Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vintage Chic... even for the man in your life

One of the ladies at
Chartreuse and Co.
just rocks at providing our customers
 a look that screams Industrial Chic.
Her vintage items take everything for storage up a notch.
By the way she has just redesigned her website
so go on by and visit
and you can buy some of the items
I used for my husband's presents this past birthday.
 I do not know if it is hard for you
to find a unique present but I struggle.
I wanted to personalize my gift so I had to get crafty.
 I used printed out pics of the kiddies
and some little phrases both functional and meaningful for us.
I used a 1 1/2 inch glass bubble,
diamond glaze and glued to the magnets with E600 glue.
Someone once asked about my art studio...alrighty,
 truth be told,
 kitchen island = studio
a lot-o-mess.
And yes, I drink coffee, eat breakfast and craft in my PJs.  Classy.

Easy and very personal cool for "The Dad".

So I purchased this fabulous vintage baking sheet
and some metal boxes with the same cool punched holes
from my pal Kelly at Madison & Mabel.
The patina is perfect. Time worn and warm.

Add in the personal touches:
 Gift cards to itunes, Borders, Cabellas and Baja Fresh

and you have a happy hubby.
Happy Birthday love.

And that great bird cage lamp is from Chartruse and Co. too!! 
 See what you can find. 
It is from Debbie at Electric Charm Decor!!

Sumo Sweet Stuff

It's so very Cheri
thrifty decor chick
the persimmon perch
The DIY Show Off



  1. Is that your new lamp in the background behind happy hubby?

  2. Cute idea. Happy Bday to your DH.

  3. I'd love to have you drop by my international blog linking party at
    starts sunday but open until Tuesday. hope to see you there!

  4. How neat! Thanks for sharing and linking up to me!

  5. Loving your projects! I need to know where you found your moss ribbon. I am having some ladies at my house this month, and that would be such a cute little gift for them to take home. Jackie

  6. I love what you did with the bird cage lamp! I knew you would do something wonderful with it. Thanks for the mention of my shop. Can’t wait to get back to Chartreuse and see all of your wonderful creations!


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