Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello from Texas

We are on an adventure...
in Texas seeing family.
 Just the girls...husband and biggest boy at home. 
We are really a transported flock,
 originally from Michigan but
my sis made the move with husband and children years ago
and is really a "Texan" now. 
Along came my Mom too to make her nest. 
So now it is sister and her ENTIRE clan. 
 I got to see my niece's babies...
I am a GREAT AUNT many times over!! 
How fun is that? 
Meeting wives and husbands and friends, oh my. 
It is so hard being so far.
I miss them all and I am still here!
Auntie Molly loves you all.
The Porter Clan and my Mom in Florida!!

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  1. Katie was my roommate in college! I've known the Porters forever from church and Bessie taught me in high school. I love them! I've been keeping up with your blog for a few months now and love everything you do. What a small world!


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