Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Peeps...

                            A photo gallery of my peeps...
How it began, our adventure
to Lucketts Spring Fair

Loading up the trucks...
                  The gang           Denny and Andrew
We are here...how did we do it? 
 Holding my signs I painted for the shop entry.
Where the heck is Robin?

The "before".
We had to pack everything onto the stage
until the next afternoon.
Furniture Tetris!

So after much work,
Gail and I after a full day...
We set our space from 2-9 p.m. on Thursday.
I NEED to go to the beach!

 So why did I NOT have pictures of the whole room?
Let us just write it off to me too tired to think straight. 
It really was such an unbelievable reveal when we were all done. 
Who would have thought?

And after the sale...
Not much left for us to load back to the shop...
thank goodness.

Even a few of these items were already sold
but we took back to the barn for the customers.

Gallery of lovelies...
Virginia and Frannie

The Ladies of Silk & Burlap!
Saule and Angelique
Lindsay and Wendy
Gail, her "mountain man" and
the third wheel...ME!
Wendy, Kelly and Lindsay
Nice! Real nice my friend! Hahaha.

So it is done, thank goodness. 
It was a great success and
no one could have done it without the
full support
of the entire gang of

Oh and such a fun moment...
I got to meet my blog friends

Here are Cassie and Marian.
Such sweet, lovely ladies and
full of talent!

A few days later...
A Birthday celebration today for our
 friend and fearless leader Virginia...
Winnie, Va with her girls, Kelly, Fran, Lew, Sue and Gail!
I escaped and took the picture, yeah me.
I am sorry we all couldn't be here. 
 I missed so many of our pals.

So, hats off to all of the gang.
I think it is time for a NAP!
One more thank you to all....

P.S.  I will do links soon to all of the
Chartreuse and co. girls soon. 
Check out the site above
and you can find links to them all!
Must rest for now...


  1. Molly, So sorry I missed you at Lucketts. Chartreuse had such wonderful things...I could have spent hours in there. I am going to make it to one of your barn sales soon.
    Take Care,

  2. wow molly- i don't mind at all that you used that picture! you are so sweet! you and gail both- i wish i had the means to be a part of the chartreuse crew. you guys just have such a fantastic friendship and bond. it's really special.

  3. Molly! I look like i'm picking my nose in that one picture! you couldn't have "picked" a better one?? Well, I could also be thinking of something very intelligent! Was that before or after I got a little tipsy?


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