Tuesday, May 25, 2010


 It has been ages and ages
since I wrote last.
 For weeks I have been preparing for sales at
We had a special sale the first weekend,

Oh the colors!

Add more color for the next sale...
our normal third weekend.

add to that a special event at the
Lucketts Spring Fair.
 Planning for all three events was a lot,
add filling four trucks with all our goodies
and heading to Lucketts
 to unload and recreate our shop. 
Man'o man. 
Get this....
This was a riot...go peek.

The end result?

Getting to know eachother even better,
meeting new clients,
greeting blogger pals,
little to bring back to the shop (hurrah!)

Left a little more tired, a lot more dirty,
and never more grateful for
the shoppers and my peers.
What a life...love it.


More soon
on meeting and missing blogger friends
and, and , and... 


  1. Oh my how wonderful !!
    I am soo sad I missed the show ..really love going to Lucketts and seeing all the wonderful goodies !!!

  2. Thanks for a great month my friend! We definitely rocked it and you're the brains behind the operation!


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