Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh my...The show HOARDERS

It is like a train wreck I can't stop...why?

It is sad and horrible.
 It is overwhelming to watch
I keep watching.
My husband says I am nuts.

Am I alone here?


  1. I am watching too! I feel like I need to organize my house now. I never want to be like these poor people!

  2. I think this show is soooo sad, yet I can't stop watching either!

  3. You are not alone...why is it that we can't stop watching? (And...have you seen Animal Hoarders? Good gracious, very sad indeed.)

  4. Oh my gosh! A friend and I were just talking about this show earlier today. Last nights episode was so disturbing, I needed to take a shower! All those dead cats!


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