Monday, June 20, 2011

LAST day to enter giveaway! Three quarts of Chalk Paint

Oh dear oh my....last day!

Me having a hurry it is time to win face...
not really just me being me.  This is a BEFORE pic on this piece.

It is that time so go

to enter
and get your chance to win big.

Playing with the lovely vibrant green chalk paint

in process
On this little cabinet with the flip lid
and glass doors
(What was this little piece used for??)
I used Duck Egg
and then added a handpainted perfume label
in soft brown to the panel above the doors. 
I took to my shop
and forgot to take a final pic
so that is coming soon!!

Just see all you can paint
with chalk paint!!

Thanks to all that have come by
and entered. 
I know Michelle and I
so appreciate it!
We will announce the winner
this week.

Market Monday means spread the love. 
Go visit someone new
who left a comment here.


  1. Oh Molly...I love this piece!!!!

    Isn't the Duck Egg a gorgeous color???

    janet xox

  2. ha ha! i love that picture of you, molly!!!!
    and i love antibes green. so one wants my green sideboard yet though... maybe it will go in my next house. hopefulyl soon!

  3. Great looking projects!!! Do you mean what was the little flip out part used for? I can't see the height of the piece but it was probably used for a desk..that opened to write on. OR- if it is a taller cabinet (like for a dining room) it was probably used as a server-for a tea set, etc. Hope your Monday is wonderful! xo Diana

  4. Oh-wait I just looked at it again. You mean the top flips up and open...or the front piece flips down to a flat level? If the top opens up and folds back it was probably a liquor cabinet-especially seeing as it has glass front doors. or...I could be totally wrong on both counts- I am blond, you know~ xo Diana

  5. Cute picture of you Molly! What a great looking cabinet! I just love the Duck Egg color.

    ~ Tracy

  6. You are too funny! Are you in your driveway painting in your barefeet? You know I love that green. Now I need to try Duck Egg. It was fun catching up with you on Friday. Your space looked so summery - like a breath of frsh air!

  7. I love all of your great before and afters! Today I received my first 2 cans of chalk paint and this week will try my first project. I love all of your inspiration pieces!

  8. I suspect you're hiding because you paint in your nightgown! That little cabinet turned out beautifully! You need to post pictures of it!
    Thanks again for your help this past weekend:)

  9. I hope I win! Love your picture, I usually paint on my deck in my p.j.'s!

  10. Hi Molly! Looks like you're having fun! Hope your sale went well this past weekend. One of these days I'll have the time to come up there! I posted some new stuff on my blog. Let me know if you need anything as I'm always finding new stuff!

  11. I can't wait to get my hands on this chalk paint. I've been a do-it-yourselfer for a long time, but I'm so inspired by all the blogs and the how to projects with this fabulous milk paint. I'm a new blogger, so I still don't know how to grab your button, but I'm going to try one more time. Maybe you can help me (tee hee) Wish you lived closeby so I could shop at your place. Do you ever go to Farmville VA? I was there last summer. HEAVEN on EARTH!!

  12. Congrats to whoever won.Can I ask a question?Do you know anyone in Australia who has ordered chalk paint?I am hanging yes really hanging to try some.Hope you can help.

  13. OOOOOOOOOOOOO...I love that little piece!! I also love the comment that it was a liquor cabinet...AWESOME! :)

  14. What a cute picture of you! I love your little toes LOL

    The green is GORRRRRGeous! and so is the blue, I love them all!

    I'm going to go and pick someone to go and visit !

    Huggs ♥

  15. Molly, This looks like a cute piece and I know you made it even better by adding your special touches. I see I am not the only one that paints bare footed...I've ruined way too many shoes with paint.


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