Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello it's me

Ages since I have been here.
  Many sales, paintings, too many "to do's". 
So many have asked where did I go,
 did I stop painting, disappear into thin air?
  Ah, not quite. (Wishful thinking)
   I have been using Face Book 
as my main venue to show my latest work...
I can be lazy like that.  

But I thought I should at least showcase 
some pictures of my work once in awhile,
 blab on about some new find,
 discuss odds and ends 
and mostly be inspired by YOU. 
 I miss the creativity and fun.  
So here in pictures is what I have been up to these days, 
or years, whatever...

Click above and go peak and leave me a note there...

New business card design...
(contact info on back)

New art...
I have a thing for cows...
Love all things beach...
Obsessed with nests...
Always a ball jar 
and seasonal goodies in the shops...

SO I make absolutely no promises about regular posts.  
I am too old to fall into that one! 
 Let's just say I did it today because...
  I felt remiss.
  Needed to push myself.
  Felt old and worn out. 
 Did not want to paint.
Needed a new look.
Shit, need a haircut.

Anyway friends, Hello again. 
 I missed you.



  1. Beautiful work as always!
    I'm with much to do.
    And shit...I need a haircut, too.
    Popped over and liked your FB page so I can keep up with you.
    Have a great week!

  2. Missed you too, didn't realize you were on facebook (duh!)

  3. I was happy to get an email :). Love your art!

  4. Such pretty art! I love the nest.. so sweet:)

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