Tuesday, September 17, 2013

 Hello old friends. 
 I am back!
See my new pumpkins?

Here is the funny thing with blogging...
I admit I check for comments. 
 I do. 
 I am 52 and I still want comments.  
There, I said it.

That said.  Please check out my FB page at

(Yeah, I want you to like me there too!)
 for new updates on the sale this weekend.  

The above link takes you right to
the Chartreuse page and loads of pics 
of great finds...

a handpainted dresser 
in A.S. French Linen, Coco and Old White

Some new art from me.
So say hello.  I am pitiful!
No I mean it...pitiful.



  1. Love your cows! And I covet that dresser even though I have absolutely no where to put it. I'll admit just this once, that I am 57, and still want comments too - more now than when I started blogging. But I was young and naïve then. lol

  2. Hello, Molly Susan Strong! I think it is HILLY-ARIOUS that you so love to read Comments and the first one is from your own self, to Y-O-U! Welcome Back, darling, talented girl ... we have missed you. ;) I still have a photo of one of your designs: The Blue Crab Cafe ~ 1961. You sent me the sweetest email about it: we were born the same year, I wanted to buy the piece and you offered to customize one for me. Maybe now is the time and Fate will put money in my path for ART!
    Fondly, Terrie from Atlanta, GA and Bawlmore, MD (crabs!) & Bahston, MA (lobstah!) XoXo

  3. you are so talented and i am glad to see you blogging again!


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