Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ahhh Maine...

I am here in Maine...
restoring my creative juices.
It is the air, the crispness of light and color.
The smells of the ocean filing me up.
The fresh breezes blowing my curtains as I sleep.
The constant sound of the waves gentle roar.
My time with my loved ones,
long walks,
laughter on the screened porch
from morning to nite.

This is my Maine.
My time to regroup.
My time to recharge.
So for now...I will keep my toes in the sand.



  1. Molly..
    all so true!
    loved Maine dearly each and every opportunity spent there..
    all the beautiful seasons..
    the scrumptious foods..
    but my heart and soul lies in the sugary white sands of MY home..
    the Emerald coast of Florida..
    warm sandy hugs..
    laughing smiles too..

  2. My sentiments reflect those of Loui above! I love Maine but my heart is definitely here in Florida. That being said, I cannot wait for my trip to Maine in August. We will be hiking and kayaking!

    ~ Tracy

  3. Good God it feels like three months since you've been gone! I miss you!

  4. Dearest Molly...
    I miss you so. My heart has a hole without your Maryland presence. Please come back to us soon so that the massive void I am feeling can be filled with your loud laugh, tall stature (well, it used to be), and barn garments! Hehe...Miss you!!!


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