Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Something from nothing...

Here we go! I am a definite newbie to the whole blogging thing.

I have dabbled in all things art from the very beginning of my time. Mom and Grandmother, both artists, had encouraged me to create. I think it is a genetic bug to "make something from nothing". My favorite motto...sometimes out of necessity and sometimes for fun.After corporate world and babies, I decided to explore my more creative edge. Suits be damned. I started painting in my own home, and for family and friends. Soon I was a full blown Decorative Painter specializing in faux finishes, murals, design consulting and staging. Today I continue my decor business but want to expand my more personal art; original acrylic on canvas, original graphic art on wood and much more. I have much to do but come back and enjoy my world of art!


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