Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New goodies....feeling all nesty

I am a buzzy bee.
TIRED buzy bee.

Many new designs in process,
my house a disaster!

So much happening 
so much preparing 
after this amazing last week.

The Southern Living shoot 
was so much fun. 
The stylist and photographer 
felt like old friends visiting.
(I will share some pictures later!)

The weekend sale  at 
Chartreuse & co. 
was absolutely unbelievable.  
So many faithful customers 
came to see us 
and so many new found us!
A lovely lady ran into the shop 
at 9 a.m. on Friday
to claim my French Panel cabinet!


I am a painting machine...
A peek at my new centerpiece.

An amazing desk, 
inlay in center drawer....
hardware original 
many layers in a 
creammmmy buckwheat paint 
with chocolate glaze...
(pictures are "in process", stay tuned for the final product)

I will write again this Thursday 
after my shop is all set for

Another sale weekend!!

Still time for the giveaway, 
follow and leave me a note!
Next week the winner will be announced!

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