Friday, April 8, 2011

My best nest...

I did not make this ok?
But what could make better,
cheaper priced decor??
It decorates my wreath...

My morning doves are back...
with two growing babes...
See that little baby bird fanny sticking out on the left?
And another to the right?
 See the one peeking over?
Momma has left them
for periods during the day...
Now I have to watch over them, 
I gotta paint things Momma!!
I had to share as each year 
I have a new visitor to this nest.  
The Robin's, yeah that is their name,
built the nest first and came for three years 
and redid the nest each year...
it is becoming a top hat like nest.  

Then my doves, yeah, I said it,
MY doves, 
started using it last year.  
The Robin's come by and glare regularly.

So I get to  sit and look out 
at my Maine moss wreath 
above my garage door and trellis 
and see what my birdies are up to...
Oh no, Momma has left....
must go protect my babies!
And do not think for a second I have not 
chased a few birds away 
and even saved a baby or two for the Robin's. 
I have.

Even my oldest daughter, 
she is 17 yrs. old and approaching my "crazy" 
about our babies,
asked on a particularly cold morning,
"Don't we need to get the babies a blankey?"

Momma Molly


  1. My house wren has her nest in one of my plaster containers right outside the studio. We have 5 eggs and yes, I have to check on her every time I go in there!

  2. Oops! I sent you an email...meant to post a comment...just is par for my day. I love your doves and your wreath! Hopping our doves come back to the nest outside my bedroom window:)

  3. I love your live bird's nest!

    And I just want to let you know that I featured your numbers dresser from Masterpiece Monday, on "My Top Ten Fav Picks" at Boogieboard Cottage. Thank you for sharing it, it's adorable! Have a nice weekend, Mary :O)

  4. I love the color of mourning doves so much that I am painting my living room that tone. The ceilings will be the color of a mourning dove's breast!
    What a sweet Mama bird you have there!


  5. isn't that nice they chose your wreath as their summer home! when we lived in our very first house, we had hanging plants on the deck. each year we had doves make a nest in the same pot!

  6. Its wonderful that you appreciate and value the birds nesting in your wreath -- they obviously know they have found a safe home! It IS the perfect decor. I would love to include this post in my Wednesday 'visiting other nests' feature!

  7. I adore doves - I feel I have a special relationship with the birds that call their homes in my garden - I'd love having doves nest there - we had some a while back - I think the cats scared them away.
    Love this!

  8. Your baby birds are so cute. We had doves that make a nest in our Wisteria vine in our last house and I loved watching them.
    Thanks for dropping by and reading about Dilly. Part 2 will be posted tonight.


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