Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Signage

 I am not slacking... four dozen
new signs for the shop.
 Spring inspired
 Full of garden and flower love
 A few funny thrown into the mix
 Always welcome and a little frenchy
I was hoping for a
lovely sunny day
for all the distressing and waxing
but alas...
maybe tomorrow.

So for now the signs sit
all shiny and new
on my kitchen table,
waiting for the sun
and time for the finishing touches
--for the perfect patina
of the look of time worn love.

Sale weekend coming up at Chartreuse & co.
this weekend the 15th-17th
the Flower and Garden show in Leesburg
The Cottege will be ready
the 16th and 17th
Chick Picks by Hillary
the 14th-16th

So much to see!


  1. Looks fun! I want to see what they look like after the finishing touches!

    Julie ~

  2. those are so cute! for some reason the "come sit on my porch" makes my head go right to three's company... "come a-knock on my door..."

  3. wow!!! che belle, io adoro queste scritte... ti ho conosciuta per caso e sono felice di seguirti ciao rosa.kreattiva

  4. Your signs are so cute! I love words and worry that I sometimes use too many in my decor. I just like to have things around that make you think.
    Thanks for following me! I'm following you right back. I'll go visit someone else too!
    Have a nice day.

  5. Love those signs! What a fun collection, great colors, and I am in awe of your productivity!


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