Sunday, April 10, 2011

Market Monday Easy as 1 2 3 - Signs

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OK Signs...
I love them,  love the written word,
love French (can't speak it or read it),
like the graphic nature of them,
 like to make them...
I love doing large scale on salvaged wood
 but I also kick out some smaller styles
 for sale in my shops.
In my last post I gave you a peek
at the shiny new...

While that is fine...I like
I want it distressed and aged
and full of layered goodness.

So I use my handy dandy palm sander. 
I use The Mouse.
   It is shaped like a little iron and works great for me.

I rough up everything a bit...
don't be finicky or nervous...just go for it.

I then use Briwax that can be found
at better furniture stores.
This time I used light brown. 
I also use a cheap chip brush and rubber gloves. 
This stuff is smelly and stains!
(You can look up a previous post I did on waxing
for more info.)
I apply it liberally and
technical word,
it into all the nooks and crannies.

If I want it very light, I rub off immediately
If I like it darker, I let cure about 30 min. or so, then buff lightly.
It is a dramatic change when side by side
with the non-waxed.
After the wax cures,
I just rub lightly with a soft cloth or paper towel.
I love the depth the wax gives you...the patina of age.

All my signs are available at my shops. 

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Do I need to make a button?? 
I am challenged sometimes...
I mean if I could just paint a button
or something.

Thanks for joing in...

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  1. Love it all. Yes, I am a follower.

  2. I love your signs. I am a follower. I don't have a blog, just love your stuff.

  3. Your new signs are just beautiful Molly! And the wax really makes them sing!

  4. Wonderful idea! I am so bad at updating my blog as I get so discouraged when no one comments and I sulk a bit (what a baby!)!. I'm getting onto this straight away!
    Your signs really rock -love them all. I actually saw all your work last month when I went to the sale at Chartreuse. You are one very talented artist. Next time I go I will defifnitely be buying something.
    Have a great week!

  5. Love your signs-your distressing technique is just what I needed-thanks! Come siton my porch is adorable with the birdie-I'm following you! Claire

  6. Love love love the signs! The patina looks FABULOUS!!! Great ideas, as always :)
    Going to visit some of your other creative followers right now! I love how you're helping to connect everyone :)
    Crisp Interiors

  7. Love the signs and the patina is what I really love. Hopping over to a few other blogs now!


  8. Not sure how you showed up on my FB page but I'm glad you did. Love your blog & I've been wanting to try my hand at signs. I'll sign up as your follower as soon as I visit someone. Thanks! Jan

  9. Fun! I wanna join the party! Your signs are adorable .....But im eyeing that green and white dresser, I want it!! I'm a happy follower :). I'm off to visit some new blogs!
    Julie ~

  10. I am a follower...Love your signs! Like your idea about "sharing the love"...I will definitely find one of your commenters that I dont know and visit them...Please sneak a peek at my blog (especially some of the older posts) Tiff at The Cranky Queen

  11. what a cute idea! The signs are fab as usual and I love the possibility of connecting with ones we've not seen yet! Thanks for hosting!

  12. Found you on Brag Monday on The Graphics Fairy blog. I really like what you do, and the waxing has me thinking of all kinds of projects! I do not have a blog, but I have a website with what I do on it as well as a FB page for my work (which is kinda bloggy) or fb Oh I forgot to mention I am a tutu maker.

  13. Very nice to meet you I'm so glad that I stopped by. Love your signs. You have got the wheels turning now. I'm thinking of darkening the white furniture in my diningroom up a bit. My thought was to put some glaze on and rub it off but now I'm thinking that I could just use a darker wax. I already have them waxed but with clear french wax. A coat of darker Bri wax just might do the trick. Thanks for sharing your technique.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  14. Your blog is so interesting and pretty. Love the signs and your opening photo in this post. I am your newest follower!

  15. Love your signs and I appreciate you showing how you use the wax - I had NO idea! I also love words ~ they make me happy :O)

  16. Hello Molly,
    I like your style ! Please stop by and visit and or follow my blog too.
    I am a newish blogger,It is amazing fun and alot to see and learn.

  17. I just arrived on your blog fron The Graphics fairy and I love it so much!!!...I like your signs and your little game...I've become your follower and I'll visit some of the blogs in this comment!


  18. I love your signs and I'm a recent follower, glad I found you!
    Have a lovely day!

  19. I will have to try the Briwax. I have always used stain but I love the depth and distress you are getting with the wax. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  20. really gorgeous!
    take care,

  21. I love your new signs!
    I like making crafts to.

    Your new follower

  22. Oh my...wax, patina, distressed, be still my heart. This kind of talk gets me everytime! Great visiting with you this morning, never got to say goodbye!

    Bye, Linda


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